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Invasive Species

What are Invasive Species (IS)?


An invasive species (e.g. plant/shrub) is one that is not native to Michigan and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to the economy, environment, or human health.


IS cause harm when they out-compete native species by reproducing and spreading rapidly in areas where they have no natural predators and thus, change the balance of the ecosystems humans and wildlife rely on.

















Click on an above photo to view the name of the invasive species.

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Although IS are present throughout the watershed, PRVEL has focused on an 80 acre parcel of state land just north of Van Etten Lake for identification, monitoring, and treatment if needed.  Volunteers are needed to do field work on this property annually (hand pulling and digging), as soon as the weather permits and before plants go to seed.  Training is provided.  Access to the property is by boat.


Contact person:  Russell Williams  -

Spotted Knapweed
Garlic Mustard
Japanese Barberry
Autumn Olive
Purple Loosestrife
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